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Murder After Death Eva Robberts - Vankova

Murder After Death

Eva Robberts - Vankova

Published June 18th 2007
ISBN : 9780595422302
132 pages
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 About the Book 

Gabriella Muckler lives a happy and quite ordinary life in Houston. Her childhood in Europe has many unanswered questions, but she deleted them from her memory, when she came to the US. One day, she receives a strange phone call from a woman called Ilona Bjorn. Ilona is convinced that Gabriella is her sister.Shortly after their first meeting Ilona and her mother Agnes Bjorn are killed.These shocking events bring Gabriella to a small Swedish village Huddinge, where both murders took place.Many old memories revive as she meets with people she tried to forget forever.Are there any connections between Gabriellas past, her dead father and the recent murders?An unexpected friendship develops between her and Mary, the second daughter of Agnes Bjorn. Together they uncover the sad and cruel truth about the crimes and their joint history.